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Sun, Apr. 13th, 2008, 11:38 am
squishy_meow: My new love

Yes I have a new love. It's Numi tea. I adore this stuff. My favorite is Chinese Breakfast. I love black teas and always put cream and sugar in them. But with the Numi Chinese Breakfast there is no need to add anything in it at all! Which to me seems odd but it's perfect without. However, you can add cream and a little bit of sugar and it's amazing!

I've had a hard time finding the Chinese Breakfast in stores. They seem to be selling the other Numi teas but not this one. So today I decided to check out their website and see if I could buy it directly from them. Their site was great and very informitive. They also have a ton of really great things and good information on tea itself.

Here is the link to their page about the health benifits of tea.


They also have a page on reciepes for cooking with tea. I want to try the salmon one.

Wed, Feb. 13th, 2008, 08:07 am
zevhonith: Frustration looms

So, I didn't work out for two weeks (due to wisdom teeth surgery), and I lost 5 pounds (due at least in part to not eating as much, since my mouth fucking hurt). I started working out again, and 3 DAYS LATER have gained 2 pounds back.

Now, I know, muscle weighs more than fat, blah blah, and I've also heard recently that working out makes you retain more water (and I'm certainly drinking more water than I have been in the last two weeks, though I've ALSO heard that drinking more water helps you retain LESS water), and, to be completely fair, it looks as though I've lost an inch off my waist since the last time I measured (2 months ago), but COME ON.

This is getting ridiculous. I'm not eating anything crazy, I'm staying within my calorie restrictions, and I'm working out 5 days a week. It's not like I'm already slim and working on building muscle, I have *plenty* of fat to lose, so what the hell? 5 weeks of working out and at the end of it I've gained 5 pounds?

It's not that I'm going to stop working out, and in fact, I've started doing my morning workouts again regardless of whether or not I plan to go to the gym later, since I do think it helps with my metabolism, and also wakes me up. And working out makes me feel better, so that's nice. I'm just starting to get a little frustrated. I thought after a month and a half I'd see more concrete results of such a big change, and I'm not yet. *Sigh* Hopefully I will by summertime.

Russell says I'm thinner, so there's that... I need to start taking pics again, I haven't done that in a month or so.

Wed, Jan. 31st, 2007, 02:32 pm
zevhonith: You know...

I don't care if everyone keeps telling me I have to eat 1200 calories a day to lose weight. Frankly, I think that's a crock, and I just won't do it. I'm not going to deprive myself, I'm going to set reasonable patterns and habits that I can actually be consistent with! I'm not spending the next 6 months being hungry! This is why I don't diet, and this is why I get pissed off at the idea of watching one's weight.

Sorry, phaedrine, it's not you. It's the website, and all the other websites, forever and ever amen. They're designed for people who get feel good about themselves when they eat nothing all day.

The diet personality test was useful, though. I *do* eat too many carbs and calories, cause I really do love food. I need more fruits and veggies, not just for them, but because they'll replace bad things. I've been looking at CSAs in town that deliver fruits and veggies to your house for $30/week or so - that might end up being a really good plan, if I can find a way to afford it. I need more *fresh* food, definitely.

Mon, Jan. 29th, 2007, 03:42 pm
thejessicabatt: hi! im jessica

i wanna post too!
ok, ive never had a big problem with weight, but i do have the fat gene (all the women in my family have been battleing with their weights)
but i dont eat well, like not all- part of this is my lack of cooking exprearience. part of it is me being lazy "theres always cerial or ramen"
since oct last year ive been sitting or laying down lots.
im currently in psychical theray, as ive got a really fucked up hip ( i used to do Lots o figure skating & ballet, my tendons never re-tightened & my hip rotated forward & down) i get steroidal injections directly into the hip joint. and i have a tens unit at my house thats helping Greatly (electro-muscle stimulation)
up till some crazy drama bullshit, i weighed about 170 (wich some people think is a lie, but i *used to be* really buff & muscle weighs a lot.
im 130 now.
thats not good, i havent weighed that little in 15 years.
im seriously atrophy & recently lost madd muscle (hence the weight drop)  also, some bad shit unfolded & i was unable to eat solid food for almost a whole week. my beer belly went away due to that, but id like to keep my size where iam, but to work on my muscles.
but id like to eat better & exercise more, consistantly.
what sucks is there still lots i cannot do, like weight lifting, running or jogging, ect.  plus im a smoker, so the fast pased exercises & i dont get along anyway. 
i got myself a yoga ball, i have a few yoga tapes & i got pilates' (sp) instructions (those are really helping my back & bad hip out)
but if i dont start taking better care of myself, the fat gene in my family will start to show.  id really like to learn simple (seriously guys im no good at cooking) receipes & the like.

but there we, nice to meet you all & thanks for reading!

Wed, Apr. 26th, 2006, 07:33 am
dygitalgirl: Journal post

Last night (since midnight) was the first night I have faithfully entered everything I ate into fitday. I'm on a roll!
Now for some sleep, exercise (if I feel better by this afternoon) and then a healthy dinner methinks.


Tue, Apr. 25th, 2006, 05:51 pm
dygitalgirl: Fitday.com

Maybe accountability might help us?
I know it might help me, it's worth a shot.

I'm posting the link to my fitday public journal, feel free to post yours.
I need to get recording, I am much less likely to eat something if I have to write it down first, cause I am lazy that way.


And in light of the fact that my day has just begun and I am already at 827 calories, 24 grams of fat and worse... 110 CARBS, I think it's time to get on the eliptical trainer or the bike, which ever is free.

Thu, Apr. 13th, 2006, 07:12 pm
dygitalgirl: Brusied and battered

Been a good girl on the food front. Yesterday was tuna and mayo sandwiches, boiled eggs for snacks and one no-bake cookie. I even resisted food when I went to the caffeteria at work with a friend and he got something, I had brought my lunch, I behaved! Today was half a healthy turkey sub from Quizno's, the other half I will eat here soon or for lunch tonight. Getting most to all my water in in the last few days. Tomorrow is weigh day, I'm hoping for a couple pounds of solid weight loss, not water weight loss.

I really need a measuring tape...

So far this week I have been real good about class too. Monday & Wednesday was Kickboxing, Tuesday and Thursday was grappling where we usually end up doing a pretty extensive set of leg and ab exercises.
Tomorrow more kickboxing and Saturday I think I might go down there and run on a treadmill while they are in sparring class since it's already full.
We'll see how enthusiastic I am on Saturday.
And I can't forget to rest, I shouldn't over-do no matter how much fun I am having.
My body is feeling it this week, tomorrow it might be screaming at me to just stop!

Tue, Apr. 11th, 2006, 03:39 pm
dygitalgirl: The losing battle

So, I lost the battle against chocolate donuts not once, but twice today.
I stopped at the store and bought donuts for my kiddo, course he only wanted one or two but I bought four. Came home and had a donut before I climbed into bed. He ate his and there was one evil chocolate donut left when I woke up, so of course I had to make it go away...


I gotta stop doing that.

*Posted 3/27/06*

5 pounds down, 19.5 to go.

Well, it's more like...
Weight I was/Weight I am/Weight I wanna be

So, right now I am really trying to convince myself that that pound I've gained back since the 27th is not chocolate donut or fast food related, that it is infact building muscle.


X-posted to my journal, dygitalgirl

Fri, Aug. 5th, 2005, 08:52 am
squishy_meow: (no subject)

well do to being sick i got weighed yesterday. I've been avoiding it since I returned from my trip. I'm halfway to my goal!!! I was afraid I would have gained it back on my trips.

So even though I feel icky as all get go, I feel a bit better now. 10 more pounds to go!!

I think I'll stick with what I'm doing. Which is to have smaller meals, better meats, LOTS of water,more juices, no fast food burgers or pizza(i do cheat here and there and this one but not often).More dairy 3 a day.Green tea.

I was exercising nearly every day, I haven't been doing that since I've been back. I need to start that back up again. I did cancel my gym membership so after this month its UNM for me. I'm not thrilled about it but its better than nothing and well its free. I will start back up after we move which is next week.

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